CE-certification update

CE-certification update

CE-certification update

Novosanis is a long-term client and partner of Voxdale bvba. Their flagship product – Colli-Pee, a self-sampling device suited for standardized and guaranteed collection of first-void urine – was developed in collaboration with Voxdale. Colli-Pee is now CE-certified for use with their proprietary UCM preservative.

New Variant

First-void urine allows for improved, non-invasive detection of infectious diseases as well as cancers, even in early stages. The latest version of the device permits easy storage and mixing of the preservative with urine, offering benefits like preventing DNA from degradation (for diagnostic purposes) and improving disease detection in first-void urine. This has been validated by several trials. Additionally, the liquid preservative guarantees long-term storage of samples at room temperature.

From the CEOs desks

“We have adapted Colli-Pee’s collector tube and cap design to make it suitable for applications that require a pre-filled preservative. This latest design offers numerous transport and handling options, including flight, ship and cargo at various storage temperatures,” says Koen Beyers, CEO of Voxdale. “In addition, dozens of CFD simulations (using FloEFD of Mentor Graphics) have resulted in a device architecture in which the collected urine is immediately mixed with the preservative in the pre-filled tube, contributing to the instant preservation of valuable DNA. This is a nice example of how smart device design and state-of-the-art chemistry make a great and complete solution.”

“Adding our proprietary preservative to the Colli-Pee collector tube was challenging from a storage and transportation point of view. Thanks to the input from Koen Beyers and his Voxdale team we were able to adapt the design of both the tube and the cap to fit the high-duty needs” says Vanessa Vankerckhoven, CEO of Novosanis.

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