Novosanis acquired by Orasure Technologies Inc

Novosanis acquired by Orasure Technologies Inc

Novosanis, a privately-held, Belgian company founded as a spinoff company from the University of Antwerp, Belgium, in 2013, annouced today that it has been acquired by the US-based publicly traded company Orasure Technologies Inc. (Bethlehem, PA, US; NASDAQ: OSUR), a leader in point of care diagnostic tests, sample collection and stabilization devices. Novosanis is an early commercial-stage producer and distributor of urine sample collection devices targeted primarily at the liquid biopsy, Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) screening, and urological cancer markets. Novosanis’ urine collection technology expands molecular collection portfolio and advances OraSure’s expertise in non-invasive sampling. Next to Novosanis, Orasure has also acquired CoreBiome, a spin-off from the University of Minnesota, US.

Novosanis’ primary product technology is Colli-Pee, an easy-to-use device designed for the standardized collection of first-void urine in the privacy of the user’s home or at a clinic. The initial commercial application is as a collection device for liquid biopsy tests in the prostate and bladder cancer markets. Additionally, product validation and clinical trials are underway with industry-leading STI test manufacturers.  Colli-Pee is the only product specifically designed to collect a first-void sample and offers significant advantages to urinary testing companies, including superior test performance, ease-of-use for both collection and in the lab, and flexible customization options based on specific need.

“The Novosanis acquisition represents a clear fit in our stated ‘core growth strategy’ for our Molecular business – to grow our portfolio of collection products beyond oral samples by leveraging expertise in collection and stabilization tools and technologies – all of which can be used at home or in the clinic,” said Dr. Tang. “The Colli-Pee urine collection device has utility in high-growth markets, including liquid biopsy and STI diagnostics where OraSure can leverage its existing intellectual property, brand, and market expertise to deliver even more value to existing, and new, Molecular customers.”

Dr. Tang continued: “We believe there is a significant opportunity for an easy-to-use, differentiated product that combines our existing stabilization technology with Novosanis’ first-void sample and volumetric capabilities.  The Colli-Pee product is the perfect answer for this unmet market need. DNA Genotek built its business on establishing DNA from saliva as a proven and trusted sample type for molecular analysis. We believe a key enabler for similar development of the urine market will be an improved collection experience with Colli-Pee, combined with ambient temperature stabilization of the sample.”

Dr. Vanessa Vankerckhoven, co-founder and CEO of Novosanis, added, “The Novosanis team is excited to become part of the OraSure family. The Colli-Pee device is complementary to OraSure’s existing portfolio of non-invasive sample collection devices. The acquisition will allow us to ensure further growth and expansion of our Colli-Pee device globally.”

“With our growing customer base, we’ve been rapidly expanding our manufacturing capacity in recent months,” Koen Beyers, Novosanis co-founder and Chief Technology Officer explained. “I’m looking forward to building scale and diversity of our innovation with OraSure and DNA Genotek.”

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