Together we are stronger

Partners in Life Sciences

PILS in a full service network for the development,
regulation, testing, and production of medical
appliances, equipment, and medication

Who are the PILS members?

The QbD Group supports companies worldwide in the life sciences throughout the entire product lifecycle, from idea to patient.

QbD’s team offers knowledge & tailored (software) solutions in development, clinical, regulatory & compliance, production, and distribution for companies active in Pharma, Biotech, Digital Health, ATMP and Medical Devices & IVD.

Partner for successful innovative product development, from idea to production transfer.

Research, design, development, simulation, optimization, prototyping, and industrialization of medical devices as a service.

Unitron builds reliable life science innovations that make a significant contribution to patient quality of life.

The four Unitron core activities are development, production, design transfer and regulatory consultancy.

VINTIV is an expert in machine development

From engineering and assembly to training and tech transfer we can help you transform your process knowledge into your own intellectual property by designing and building custom machinery to your specifications.

Scilife is a platform that streamlines, automates, and organizes every process in your industry space, whether you’re in Medical Devices, Pharma & Biotech, or ATMP.

Yitch is the pre-eminent partner for turning a production environment into a factory of the future, through digitalization and smart optimizations by means of MES/MOMS, SCADA, DCS,….

Optimus Instruments is your lab‘s premium supplier and technical expert in: reactor systems, bio-reactors, fermenters, liquid thermoregulation and lab process integration.

XEDEV is a CRO-CDMO and World expert in Spray Drying. We offer R&D services from Screening to Clinical Production of Biologics and Small Molecules.

Inovigate offers consulting and board advisory services, due diligence and strategic M&A support for life sciences, medical technology and healthcare organisations.

RheaVita provides continuous freeze-drying technology for (bio)pharmaceutical products resolving the issues and shortcomings related to traditional batch freeze-drying, but also providing new opportunities. 

W-pharma a division of Wase Werkplaats is a specialist in a variety of services for the healthcare related industry.

Quercus is a GMP laboratory with high-quality analytics in compliance with GMP, efficient lead times, and competitive prices.

Vils designs and builds your facility. Developing a lean design package based on a suitable concept that allows a swift design & build execution of your project, that’s their business.

At Sentigrate, they figure out how to make sensor data comprehensible. From collection and preparation to processing and interpreting. 

In The Pocket is a complete delivery organization that can design and deliver digital products and platforms from end to end. They can also support your digital roadmap in the areas of ML, Strategy, Architecture, Software Engineering, and UX.

Eyetec is the number one service provider for visual inspection and a recognised value-added partner for pharmaceutical manufacturers

“PILS is a group of professionals sharing their knowhow and information in order to provide excellent service to Life science customers. The partners profit from the huge network. The customers are offered a one stop shop for services and hardware.”

by Frank Van Hoorick - Optimus

About the PILS network

PILS (Partners In Life Science) was born in 2014 between Yitch and QbD.

Now, years later, PILS has grown to a group of enthusiastic, ambitious and customer-driven companies, with a strong focus on life sciences.

Based on the belief that together we’re stronger and we’ll be able to create more value for our customers, we follow the different market developments and trends. Sharing knowledge with each other is one of our focus points.

The high level of complementarity, transparency and trust between the PILS members creates strong synergies

Solutions which go beyond what a single company can achieve individually are created that way.

The expertise we gain within the PILS network enables us to provide an appropriate response to our customer’s questions in an increasingly rapidly evolving context.