PILS (Partners In Life Science) was born in 2014 between Reditech and QbD.
Now, 4 years later, PILS has grown to a group of enthusiastic, ambitious and customer-driven companies, with a strong focus on life sciences.
Based on the belief that together we’re stronger and we’ll be able to create more value for our customers, we follow the different market developments and trends. Sharing knowledge with each other is one of our focus points.
The high level of complementarity, transparency and trust between the PILS members creates strong synergies. Solutions which go beyond what a single company can achieve individually are created that way.
The expertise we gain within the PILS network enables us to provide an appropriate response to our customer’s questions in an increasingly rapidly evolving context.



Reditech is an independent partner who provides automation solutions for manufacturing companies all over the world. With more than 20 years experience in factory-, process- and logistic automation, our engineers will find the right solution for your challenge. Whether it concerns Consultancy, a Turnkey Project, a Service Level agreement or staffing engineering departments on-site for short- or long-term projects, you remain the main priority for the Reditech team.

By bringing our consultants and their expertise together with our life sciences clients in the best possible way, we help our clients to develop safe therapies and technologies for patients and consumers. We do this worldwide, with over 160 people who are highly qualified in QA, validation, regulatory affairs and project management & support in the pharmaceutical, biotech, healthcare, medical devices and cosmetics industries.
To this end, we have set up offices in Belgium (HQ), the Netherlands, Spain, Mexico and Colombia.

Optimus Instruments is your lab’s premium supplier and technical expert in: reactor systems, bio-reactors, fermenters, liquid thermoregulation and lab process integration. Accompanied by European Lab Services, a premium service partner specialized in the calibration of thermometers, balances and verification of lab instruments according to ISO 17025.

XEDEV is a contract research service provider in particle engineering by spray drying, agglomeration and coating processes. Our services start from process and (pre-)formulation screening and proof of concept studies, to complete development projects and scale-up. With the upraise of Spray Drying technology in many industries, and the amount of spray drying projects realized by our team, we have become a center of excellence in Spray Drying. We operate in the discovery phase till clinical GMP production.

At VINTIV It is our mission to realise added value for our customers.
We do this by providing the right industrial technology, developing and building quality machines, and offering technological services.
We believe in the people and companies who want to do business and create value for their shareholders and society.
We aim to be the first choice for converting business cases into the right technical solutions.
– We supervise your business case and develop it into a technical solution
– We develop and build high-tech machines tailored to your business case
– We retrofit existing installations to create state of the art production equipment.

Exyte is a global leader in the design, engineering, and delivery of facilities for high-tech industries. With a history of more than 100 years, the company has developed a unique expertise in controlled and regulated environments. Exyte offers a wide range of services, such as consulting & planning, engineering, project management, construction, commissioning, and qualification for clients in the pharmaceuticals & biotechnology, food & nutrition, consumer care, and specialty chemicals industries.

In 2018, Exyte generated sales of EUR 3.5 billion with over 5,600 highly experienced and motivated employees.

Eye-Tec provides support in the domain of Visual Inspection to pharmaceutical companies around the globe. We are the ‘bridge’ between pharmaceutical manufacturers and inspection machine builders. We do this through our combined competence in both compliance and technology and our own past experience in parenterals manufacturing. Eye-Tec is also your Value Added Reseller for GMP Washing Machines and Autoclaves (Steelco), Isolators
(Comecer), Bioreactors (Bionet) and lyophilizers (Serail). For all these equipment we provide local aftersales support and keep a stock of critical spare parts.

Voxdale is a design, engineering and research agency for mechanical and mechatronical development for clients in Life Sciences and MedTech including lab-on-a-chip solutions, clean room optimization, and mechanical design of complex medical devices. Voxdale’s team of seasoned experts is accomplished in the fields of engineering, device architecture, product development and technology integration, tackling challenges of thermal management, flow analysis and material selection. By using state-of-the-art simulations such as finite element analysis (FEA) and computational fluid dynamics (CFD), Voxdale simplifies the development path and minimizes all risks involved,
and even optimizes existing designs and systems.

W-pharma looks forward to helping you with drug packaging and medical device packaging. Whether you are active in the care sector, pharmaceutical industry or a hospital, we package everything just the way you want it. Discover our strengths!

Our QualityKick™ platform is offered as a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution. It aims to be the go-to platform for companies in the Pharma, Biotech and Medical Devices sectors to efficiently manage everything quality, process and product related, always according to the relevant compliance regulations.

QUERCUS Labo is a GMP certified contract laboratory. Our customers are pharmaceutical companies, and other life science and health industries, such as companies involved in cosmetics, herbal products, food supplements or medical devices.

Life Science is the core business of the Unitron Group, fully focused on the development and production of Medical-, Lab- and IVD devices. We offer a unique combination of Regulatory services, R&D, Process Validation, Mass Production and Certification Services. All in one place, from start to finish and with focus on the MedTech sector.

We are Inovigate, an independent strategy and management consulting company operating in the European Life Science and Healthcare industry, specialised in helping our clients to innovate and navigate through an increasingly complex health ecosystem. We strive to achieve better outcomes for our clients by utilizing our deep sector knowledge and experience.