Yitch is the preeminent partner for turning a production environment into a factory of the future, through digitalization and smart optimization by means of MES/MOMS, SCADA, DCS, and more. Visit website


XEDEV is a CRO-CDMO and world expert in spray drying. We offer R&D services from screening to clinical production of biologics and small molecules. Visit website


W-pharma, a division of Wase Werkplaats, is a specialist in a variety of services for the healthcare-related industry. Automated & manual assembling, packaging and labelling of Healthcare, Pharma and Medical Devices Solutions. We also care about your packaging waste solutions. More info? Contact business@w-pharma.be Visit website


We specialize in designing and engineering innovative products, including medical devices, diagnostic tools, lab tools, drug production systems, and monitoring systems. Our services encompass research, design, engineering, development, simulation, prototyping, verification, and validation. We prioritize integrating human-centric elements for market acceptance from the outset, while ensuring manufacturability aligns with your business model and market access […]


VINTIV develops, manufactures, and builds unique and custom industrial machines. We are the technology partner of choice for those entrepreneurs who believe in converting their business case into the right technological solution by using a specialized production system. Visit website


Vils designs and builds your facility. Developing a lean design package based on a suitable concept that allows a swift design & build execution of your project, that’s their business. Visit website


Unitron is a CDMO in the life sciences industry, with a focus on the development and manufacturing of “electronics-inside” medical devices and the associated regulatory trajectory. We work with a lot of clients, start-ups, scale-ups and stock-listed companies who we assist from concept to our in-house mass production facilities. Our expertise in medical device production […]


Sentigrate is a data company specialized in capturing, processing, modeling and visualizing sensor data. This can range from sensors in a phone to niche medical devices. With a wide range of customers from early stage spin-offs to multinationals, we have experience with different types of projects, ranging from proof-of-concepts to projects with over 1.5 million […]


Scilife is a platform that streamlines, automates, and organizes every process in your industry space, whether you’re in medical devices, pharma & biotech, or ATMP. Visit website


RheaVita provides continuous and controlled freeze-drying technology and services for (bio)pharmaceutical products, resolving the issues and shortcomings related to traditional batch freeze-drying while also providing new opportunities. Our technology integrates all freeze-drying step unit operations in a continuous production line. Our manufacturing approach avoids scale-up issues, reduces cycle times, allows fast product development, reduces time-to-patient, […]