We specialize in designing and engineering innovative products, including medical devices, diagnostic tools, lab tools, drug production systems, and monitoring systems. Our services encompass research, design, engineering, development, simulation, prototyping, verification, and validation. We prioritize integrating human-centric elements for market acceptance from the outset, while ensuring manufacturability aligns with your business model and market access […]


RheaVita provides continuous and controlled freeze-drying technology and services for (bio)pharmaceutical products, resolving the issues and shortcomings related to traditional batch freeze-drying while also providing new opportunities. Our technology integrates all freeze-drying step unit operations in a continuous production line. Our manufacturing approach avoids scale-up issues, reduces cycle times, allows fast product development, reduces time-to-patient, […]


Quercus is a GMP laboratory with high-quality analytics in compliance with GMP, efficient lead times, and competitive prices. Visit website

QbD Group

Since 2011, Quality by Design (QbD) has been providing solutions for product development and manufacturing. The QbD Group’s team offers the skills and expertise for solving complex project problems in quality assurance, validation & qualification, regulatory affairs, clinical, lab services, software services & solutions, and business & communications for companies active in the biotech, small […]

Optimus Instruments

Optimus Instruments supports innovative progress by delivering quality-improving instruments and services. As a premium lab supplier and technical expert, we provide made-to-measure reactor systems, flow reactors, bioreactors, fermenters, liquid thermoregulation, distillation systems and lab process integration. A close collaboration with our service company European Lab Services makes sure that you can rely on your installation […]